What Did I Miss?! Muzik News & Updates!

So, I kind of took a “break” from researching and scheduling “relevant” posts last week. Of course, during that time, A LOT of things happened, especially in the music world. It felt nice to just read and keep up with it all, though, and not have to turn it into content or schedule it to keep my social media updated. The music and artists that I am about to talk about in this post are things that made me excited and put a smile on my face last week! 🙂


Wonho Drops Video for Break-Up Single “Ain’t About You” Ft. Kiiara

This song has turned into one of my favorites off of Wonho’s recent mini album, and it’s in English, in case you were wondering. So, of course I was excited to see that this would be the next video that would be released. I think that it goes without saying how gorgeous Wonho looks in this video! My favorite look on him has always been when he’s in more casual clothes and sneakers *shrugs*. But, let’s not forget about Kiiara, because I thought she killed her looks in the video too!

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Instagram @iwonhoyou

Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCnSNrN9e2UlPhLVHS60akuA

Kiiara IG @kiiara


B.I. Makes Return with New Song!

I don’t want to focus on why this is a pretty big deal, but just know that it is awesome to see this former iKon group member doing his solo thing again. He probably would’ve been my bias if I had been into K-Pop when they were all together *shrugs*. Anyway, the new song is called “Got It Like That” featuring B.I., Destiny Rogers, and Tyla Yahweh. It’s a simple beat mixed with some Hip Hop & R&B, but it’s really catchy and is one of those Summer, ride around, and vibe type songs. 

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Destiny Rogers

Twitter & Instagram @destinyrogers

Tyla Yaweh 

Twitter & Instagram @tylayaweh


New Single From Baekhyun & Seo Moon Tak!

This was kind of a surprise, but I’m pretty sure I saw it mentioned somewhere but forgot. But, my sweet Baekhyun joined up with the bad @ss Seo Moon Tak for a song called “Hurt”. And when I tell ya’ll that I am OBSESSED with this song, I am so serious! They both have such strong and powerful vocals, and their back and forth is chill-inducing. 

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Baekhyun IG @baekhyunee_exo 

Seo Moon Tak IG @seomoontak


VAV Releases New Digital Single and Cute Military Send Off 

VAV recently released a new digital single that contains 3 songs that are kind of a love letter for us fans, their VAMPZ. And with another member, ACE, leaving to fulfill his military enlistment duties, it was especially sentimental for him, and us. I know that ACE had a hand in writing “Always”, and “Goodbye” and “Dry Flower” are his solo songs. “Always” and “Goodbye” are slower tempo and the beautiful soft vocals fit each song perfectly. “Dry Flower” has a more upbeat tempo, and is a little more fun.

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Twitter & Instagram @VAV_official

Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCAogbKfNxlAKxzBXFHB8i5g


ATEEZ Gives Special Performance for Amazon Music 

On the weekend, ATEEZ gave a special performance on Amazon Music’s Twitch channel. I, unfortunately, missed it but they posted the performance on their Youtube 🙂 These amazing boys did a cover of Silk Sonic’s “Leave the Door Open”. I was NOT expecting that AT ALL but it was a nice surprise. 

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Instagram @ATEEZ_official_

Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCQdq-lqPEq_yZ_wP_kuVB9Q


NCT Dream Release Hot Sauce – The 1st Album

I haven’t been as into NCT Dream as the other NCT units, or my other K-Pop groups, but still very familiar with them and their music. And it seems that with every song, at first I’m hesitant but then I end up loving it LOL. It was the same with this one and their lead single “Hot Sauce”. They are a younger group and their music reflects that, but that’s the same reason why you should love them 🙂

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Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/nctdream ​​​​


Recently Discovered: LUCY

This particular discovery happened while scrolling on Twitter and one of the accounts mentioned a group called LUCY. What I love about them is that they are a BAND, and they play their own instruments. They don’t have a lot of music out right now, but so far I am loving all of it. Their sound has more of a soft rock feel. LUCY also recently celebrated their first debut anniversary!

Check Out DAY6 too, if you end up liking LUCY or vice versa 🙂

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Twitter @BANDLUCY_mystic

Instagram @band_lucy

Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCnXwXrQ8KIBoV8k1T3xGznw


Coming Soon!

5/18 – Taemin Solo Comeback before Enlistment 5/31

5/21 – BTS English language single “Butter”, Comeback 5/31

5/25 – EverGlow Comeback

5/31 – TXT Comeback

 6/1 – Monsta X Comeback

 6/7  – EXO Comeback and “Special” Album

 6/3 – Ghost 9 Comeback


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