WCW Inspiration! Zazie Beetz… Kicking @ss & Taking Names!

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Happy Wednesday! I hope you guys have noticed that I have been trying my best to stay on top of these posts. Also, if you have any fun ideas or people that I haven’t covered, please let me know; I am always open to new ideas 🙂 Today, though, I want to bring you another fierce woman doing her thing in the entertainment industry. I saw Deadpool 2 over the weekend and Zazie Beetz definitely made an impact on me…

Who is Zazie Beetz?

Zazi is a 26 year-old German born/ New York raised actress, who recently gained popularity from her role in the FX TV Show Atlanta; the show that also features the super-talented Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino. There isn’t too much information out about her yet, but I feel like there will be soon, especially after her spectacular performance in Marvel’s Deadpool 2. In this comic book movie, Zazie plays Neena Thurman aka Domino. She fits perfectly with Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) and the other list of crazy and fun characters.

“In Deadpool 2 (in theaters Friday), the actress plays the sardonic Domino, an always-lucky hired gun who’s recruited by Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) for his X-Force team to save a flame-throwing teen mutant (Julian Dennison) from breaking bad.” (USA Today)

I also love the fact that they encouraged Zazie to wear her natural hair for the movie.

“Reynolds and producers encouraged Beetz to wear her hair natural for the role, which is a “wonderful opportunity to showcase my hair texture on a mainstream platform,” says the actress, who is half-black. “Black Panther got there first, but this is one of the (more prominent) depictions of just hair and a ‘fro.”  (USA Today)

For the rest of the article:

< https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/movies/2018/05/18/meet-zazie-beetz-aka-domino-deadpool-2-breakout-star/619621002/ >


And here is a clip of Domino’s entrance in Deadpool 2…

Final Thoughts!

I love everything about Zazie just from what I’ve seen so far. Even though Zazie is bi-racial, and I am now (even though everyone thinks that I am) I can identify with her a bit; especially with the light skin complexion, big natural hair, her views on still being identified as a black woman, and just being super unique and genuine. I was actually thinking about dressing up as Domino for Halloween 🙂 But before I go off randomly, I really loved Deadpool 2 and the fact that it was rated R.

If you guys haven’t picked up on this yet, I LOVE comic books, and the movies associated with them (most of them anyway). This year has been pretty great with Marvel movies: Black Panther, Avengers 4, Deadpool 2… I am currently excited about the Venom movie starring one of my favorites Tom Hardy, and Part 2 of Avengers that should be coming out next year after Captain Marvel. Hopefully some of you of movie-lovers and comic book movie lovers because I really want to do more movie reviews.


Let me know what ya’ll think in the comments or message me privately 🙂


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