What is Muzik Junqie Listening to? My Current Playlist!

It’s that time again! Even though I am still exploring other music as much as possible, I have to stop and check social media, Apple Music, and Spotify to check out new songs that I may be missing out on. I was not disappointed and I hope you won’t be either. Check out what’s on Muzik Junqie’s current playlist below…

William Singe – “Love You Like Me”

Follow Him @willsinge

Liam Payne – “Stack It Up” featuring A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

Follow Him @liampayne

Russ – “CROWN”

Follow Him @russ

Ferris – “AlmondMilkHunni”

Follow Him @onlyferris

Princess Nokia – “Sugar Honey Iced Tea”

Follow Her @princessnokia

Juic3 Akins – “All the Time”

Check out this up and coming music producer/ artist Amir Akins aka Juic3 Akins.

Follow Him @juic3akins


MiC Lowry – New Live & Unplugged EP

I know that I haven’t talked about these guys in a minute but with the release of their Live & Unplugged EP, I definitely had to make sure to show them some love. They are amazing and staying true to those classic 90’s R&B vibes and when you add the live element to it, its perfection. If you haven’t checked them out, please follow them and listen to their music. And they covered Usher’s “You Make Me Wanna” and I have no words. Just go and check them out! 

You can check out my first post about them here to learn a little more about them!

Follow Them @miclowry

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