Catching Up on More Solo Debuts, Releases, & Collabs!

There have been so many solo debuts and releases that’s I’ve been doing my best to keep up. From some of older generation K-Pop group members returning with solo projects to younger generation group members releasing their first solo music. I love them in their respective groups, but when they go solo, I feel that we get more of THEM. Creative freedom looks good on them 🙂


GOT7’s Youngjae makes Solo Debut with COLORS!

Youngjae aka Ars has finally dropped his solo debut album, COLORS from Ars. He introduced us to this album with the lead single “Vibin”. It is an upbeat, Pop, Dance song with some fun R&B elements to it. The song and music video perfectly reflects the name of the song, and he even has a dance challenge, doing this with his GOT7 members.

As of right now, every member from GOT7 has released something solo, from individual singles to full albums. When it comes to Youngjae, he was one of the stronger vocalists in the group, other than Jay B, their styles being different, though. Even though I love every song on this album, and how they all have an upbeat Pop and R&B sound, I couldn’t help but to look for THAT song that showed off his vocals. “Moonlight” is that song, that shows off the vocals we have all known and loved from him.

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Victon’s Do Hanse Solo Debut!

Victon Rapper and my Bias, Do Hanse, came out the gate swinging with this new solo EP BLAZE! What I mean by that is, he came out with a completely different look and vibe for his lead single “Take Over”. I am still getting used to it all because it really is different than anything I’ve seen or heard recently. He did keep his fast-rapping style, and I am blown away every time I hear him.

The rest of the EP does remind me of the music I’m used to from Victon, but hearing only Hanse’s voice hits different, in the best way. I am really loving “Diamonds” featuring Skinny Brown, and “Scent” featuring Kid Wine and Yong Yong, from the opening music alone. And I do like the Rock vibes from “Ride or Die”.

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Woodz Drops New EP!

I have mentioned Woodz and his music before, but he is from the group UNIQ, and a former member of the group X1. But he is back with ONLY LOVERS LEFT – EP and it just might be my favorite project from him. These songs have a lot of laid back, R&B vibes to them, and even a hint of rock in a couple songs. As of right now, I can say that my favorite song is “Kiss of fire”; It was the hook for me.

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Highlight’s Yang Yo-Seop New Solo Album Chocolate Box!

Highlight is one of those very influential older generation K-Pop groups that I found later on in my K-Pop fan journey. They recently celebrated their 12th anniversary, which is a rare feat for K-Pop groups these days. I believe they have all released solo projects. So, I was extremely excited for this solo album from Yo-Seop 🙂

This album is in the style I would expect from him, as well as the other members, a grown and sexy, Pop/ R&B sound. I will always love R&B/ Soul, no matter what language it is in, especially when it is done right, and that’s what Yo-Seop does with ChocolateBox. Some of my favorites, other than the lead single “Brain” are “Chocolate Box”, “Dry Flower”, and “Body and Soul”. It really is difficult to single out any songs, and my favorites may switch up, but all 12 songs are beautifully done, and show off his vocals.

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SHINee’s Key Drops BAD LOVE The 1st Mini Album – EP!

So, I have mentioned that I got into SHINee a bit later in my K-Pop journey, mainly because of Taemin. But it didn’t take me long to adore the other members. Key raps and sings so I wasn’t sure what we would be getting with this album. He actually came with an 80’s soft rock, type vibe, and I love that for him.

His style for this solo comeback and new album, as well as having a lot of female dancers have been amazing. The lead single “BAD LOVE”, “Yellow Tape”, and “Saturday Night” really hits you with that classic 80s sound, in my opinion. His voice is perfect for this sound, and he doesn’t disappoint on the rest of the album. I am a huge fan of “Hate That” featuring his labelmate Taeyeon, and “Helium”.

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*New Discovery*

K-R&B/ Soul Artist THAMA

THAMA was someone who’s name I had seen a lot because of a lot of the other Korean R&B artists that I listen to on the regular. I came across him on Youtube for a new music video for his song “Blessed” featuring GSoul, who is on some other songs that I enjoy. The video was centered around beautiful Black people, and it was incredible. I am still processing his latest album Don’t Die Colors, which is amazing, but I still wanted to at least introduce you guys to him.

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