More Artists You Should Check Out! Featuring Training Season

I am going to have to figure out a way to turn this into a series or something. It seems like every time I look up, I am being made aware of someone I have never seen or heard of. These are some of my favorite people to write about, though. Even though there may not be a lot of background info on them yet, the music is able to speak for itself; and that’s how it should be.

Welcome to Training Season!

It’s always awesome when music gets sent to my inbox. Like I always say, there is so much music out that it’s hard to see it and filter through it all. I never know what I’m going to get or if I’ll even like it, making it harder to write about. This time around, it was definitely something I enjoyed.

“Training Season is an emerging Canadian Hip-Hop collective from the city of Ottawa. The group is led by vocalists GP, King Caexar, and Queenn. Our music is influenced by West Coast, Midwest, Old School Hip Hop, and Japanese anime. We just released our sophomore project the “The Caexar Saga: L-MAN” which includes the track “Margarine” Ft. Mick Jenkins (Previously featured on Fader).” – via Manager Justin Chombe

When I first started listening to their new project The Caexar Saga: L-MAN I wasn’t sure how to feel or what direction they were going to go with it. But as the album continued it all started to come together and make sense, like pieces to a story. Some of my favorite tracks are “Kissing Booth”, “Dreamcatcher” featuring Thursday, and “Flowers” featuring Fat Albert. I just really loved the tempo and flow on all of those songs.

You can definitely hear the growth and more versatility compared to the first project Oak. Oak contained a lot more “raw” Hip Hop lyrical content and beats which allows you to really feel an artist and where they’re coming from musically. I was really feeling the tracks “Temptations” and “Raz-Al-Ghouls”. With “Raz-Al-Ghouls”, I’m a huge comic book fan so the title had me curious already, along with the Schoolboy Q vibes.

As a whole, though, I am very impressed with their music. They include so many different elements in their music and I know that there is so much more to come for them. The talent in Canada is real and I’m excited for the music world to receive all of it. I really hope you guys give them a chance (links below).

This video isn’t that recent but I really love the concept of the video. Check it out!


You can stream their music here:


Check Them Out!

Twitter @TrSeason

Instagram @trseason



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