September Fan-Girl Update! Solo Comebacks & More!

I am back with another, very long, Fan-Girl Update to talk to you guys about some of my favorites who have released music recently. It probably won’t be long before I am back to talk about more new music, more comebacks, and everything in between. But when my Favs Monsta X, Wonho, Jackson Wang, and ATEEZ, to name a few, drop new music, I must share! Also, it took me longer to get this published because more of my Favs dropped music as I was working on this 🙂


Monsta X New Single “One Day”

So, I knew that we were getting a new single, but did NOT know that it would be in English. I also did not know that it would be the first single off of their upcoming full English album! Their music in Korean and Japanese is just as amazing to me as their English songs, but the way they sound in English is special. Even so, they still don’t get as much praise and recognition for doing so.

Anyway, this latest release, called “One Day” is a beautiful, yet somewhat sad song. They sing about a lost love. And even though it is a bit heartbreaking as you listen to the lyrics, it’s a catchy Pop love song. I love how a lot of their English-language songs still have deep meanings and themes, like their Korean songs.

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I.M. New Solo Single “Loop”!

Now let’s talk about Monsta X’s Maknae aka the youngest of the group, I.M. He has been coming into his own within the last couple of years, especially when it comes to his confidence when singing more on songs. There’s also this new “project” called Baverse that he’s been featured on, and where this new song “Loop” debuted. It’s a slower tempo Pop/ R&B type song, with that deep tone of his voice, and almost like he’s singing what would normally be his rap verses.

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Wonho’s 3rd Album Blue Letter

At first listen, it actually took me a little while to get into this new album from Wonho. I don’t expect the same sound from him every time, so I was expecting this. And his lead single “Blue” is not my favorite from him, to be honest. It’s a very cute, young, party, school-type song, and the video reflects that.

He’s not always going to give us super sexy songs and visuals, and that’s how it should be. Wonho is so much more than that and I am so proud of him for still showing his duality in his music and performances. The album is good, though, and I found myself really getting into the songs “Come Over Tonight” and ”24/7”. I love that Pop/ EDM/ Dance type style for Wonho, a lot.

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New Album from Jackson Wang & New Group PanthePack!

Finally get to throw some more Mando-Pop music in here, courtesy of THE Jackson Wang, and his new group project PANTHEPACK. This group consists of Jackson, and 3 fellow super-talented Chinese artists Karencici, J.Sheon, and ICE, who I officially adore now. They apparently have been releasing music since earlier this year, officially announcing the group and their recent album, and lead single “Buzz” in August.

“Gut Feeling” goes so hard for me, but I guess it’s because ICE really got me attention from the start and my girl sounds so dope for the hook. I also love the songs “Too Many” and “SHanghai Dream”. I really do love the whole project, and that fact that they are looking to switch things up when it comes to K-Pop/ Mando-Pop. And it looks like they’ll be dropping another single and video for the track “PULL UP”, which I’m excited about because of the energy from the song.

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I swear these Comebacks really do sneak up on me. And as much as I do keep up with ATEEZ, it’s been so much that I didn’t realize that we were getting another EP from them. As usual, they did not disappoint with this EP or with their lead single “Deja Vu”. They are constantly growing right in front of our eyes, proving that in the visuals for their single, and I love to see it!

The newest EP is ZERO: Fever, Pt.3 and I love how they do album themes like this. They somehow always manage to bring this intense, fun but still sexy energy in everything that they do. Other than the lead single, some of my favorite songs on this album are “ROCKY”, “All About You”, and “Not too Late”. This album is still very THEM, so there aren’t really any misses for me.

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NCT127 is Back with 3rd Album Sticker

NCT127 is my favorite NCT sub-unit and has been since the beginning. It’s been a while since they released any music so this Sticker album was a nice surprise. They had dropped 2-3 videos leading up the album, “Lemonade” being my favorite out of them. Then they came out with “Sticker” and I am obsessed with that song and the video for it!

Other than the songs mentioned above, I also love the songs “Focus”, “The Rainy Night”, “Far”, and “Dreamer”. I’m not sure what mood I was in, but I was, and still am, loving the slower tempo songs on this album. I was also a bit surprised at the more “grown”, R&B, almost Funk type tracks. But, NCT127 has always been different, not always giving us those Pop/ Dance songs all the time.

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Stray Kids New Album NOEASY aka NOISY!

I hadn’t been listening to them as much lately but was curious about this newest album NOEASY, especially after hearing and seeing the visuals for “Thunderous”. This album is everything I would expect from them and more. When I first got into them, I became a fan instantly because they were new, young, and heavily Hip Hop based (as much as a K-Pop boy band can be). And their music was always so hard-hitting and their dance moves were the same way.

It’s honestly so hard for me to pick out some favorite songs from this one, because they are all SO GOOD! But, as much as I love the up-tempo songs, their slower tempo ones are so good, like “Sorry, I Love You” and “Secret Secret”. And then there’s “Silent Cry” that I didn’t see coming, because it’s so different from the others. The album ends with some sub unit songs, which are all good, but “Red Lights” still has me in shock, in a good way 🙂

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TO1’s Chan Drops Solo Mixtape on Soundcloud

This one was definitely unexpected, and I heard about right before I was ready to publish this post. Chan is the “rapper” in TO1 and my newest bias wrecker, but he stood out to me in the very beginning with his charisma and dance skills. Going into this mixtape, I had no idea what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised.

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Coming Soon!

Monsta X 2nd Full Length English Language Album!

BTS Collab with Coldplay and Upcoming Online Concert

HIGHLIGHT’s Yang Yo-seop 2nd Solo Album

SHINee’s Key’s Solo Album

Victon’s Hanse’s Debut Solo Album


New Video Alert!

Also, don’t forget to check out my new Unboxing video where I finally get to open up Jay B’s debut solo album SOMO:Fume! I think I got a little carried away with this one, so it’s entertaining LOL. I hope you guys like it! Check it out below!

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