My Newfound Obsession with Todrick Hall!

This is another one of those situations where I am late in discovering someone. I knew who Todrick Hall was once he had his show on MTV but still wasn’t all that familiar with him or his Youtube videos. Something made me sit down and check out his page a while back and I have been in love with him since. And he is also a huge Disney fan like myself (my nickname is Mickey… you guys figure that out lol).

Who is Todrick Hall?

Todrick, a Texas native, is a singer, songwriter, dancer, actor, choreographer, playwright, costume designer, Broadway performer, American Idol finalist, star of his own self-titled MTV Show and viral YouTube sensation. Dancing since he was 9 years old, Todrick is a classically trained ballet dancer who has traveled the world, performing all over.  In the short amount of time that he has been a full-time YouTuber, he has opened up the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards, been a Judge on “Rupaul’s Drag Race”; also choreographing music videos for Beyonce. In 2014, he was even named one of Forbes 30 under 30 entrepenuers.

The video below is becoming one of his featured Youtube videos where he does a mashup of songs from an artists’ album collection. It is amazing and his voice is just heavenly. This video is for Ariana Grande. His other videos include a Disney song compilation and albums from Beyonce, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga.


New Projects…

Todrick will soon be starting his “Straight Outta Oz” tour. I saw that he was coming to New Orleans and bought VIP tickets so I can attend the show, seeing him live for the first time as well as getting the chance to meet him and the rest of the cast. The show is at the end of July and I am so excited. I cannot wait to meet this beautiful human being that I have been watching for the last month or so.

“The Wizard of Oz has always been my favorite story, and I am ecstatic to share with you my most precious creation…” – Todrick

Check Him Out!



Twitter & Instagram @todrick

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