New Year, New Playlist! 2018 Already Looks Like a Good Year for Music!

I’m Back! A lot of things didn’t go as planned so I took I some time away from Muzik Junqie after the holiday to deal with it all. I’m glad that I did, though, because it gave me time to think up some new ideas. This post was definitely one of them. I have always loved putting together playlists; random or for certain moods. This one is just an introduction to the new year, showing you some old and new favorites killing the game early.

Let me know if you like this kind of post and would like to see this more often. Sometimes it’s hard to find albums to go reviews on all the time so sharing individual tracks is just as good. Most of the time, those tracks are from upcoming projects or albums so it builds anticipation as well. But I really hope you guys enjoy this and find some new music to put on your own playlists 🙂

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#1 Bruno Mars “Finesse” (Remix) Featuring Cardi B.

“Finesse” is off of Bruno Mars’ album 24K Magic that was released in 2016. That album is still such a classic, and “Finesse” was one of my favorite songs off of it. Then the fact that he recruited Cardi B. to give it a little extra sass, was genius (whether people still choose to hate on Cardi on not). Supposedly, she went to one of his shows, and afterward she laid down her verse for it.

Then they dropped the video for it! Right away I was feeling the 90s vibe. I have and always will love everything from the 90s; it was such a unique and trendy era for music and fashion. I also love the fact that the video was inspired by the 90s TV show In Living Color. Of course Bruno and all of the dancers killed it; especially my girl Danielle Polanco (been a fan since she was in Omarion’s “Touch” video). It was just everything and more so you guys should definitely check it out!

#2 Justin Timberlake “Filthy”

“Filthy” is the first single off of Justin Timberlake’s new album Man of the Woods that is set to come out next month (February). I cannot even begin to tell ya’ll how excited I am to hear new music from this man! If you thought I was a Fangirl before, that’s nothing when it comes to NSYNC and Justin. On top of the album announcement, new single, and video for the single, he announced tour dates!

I am already plotting how I am going to catch him on one of those dates and hopefully not go broke LOL. Let’s get back to this music video for this new single, though… We never know what to expect with Justin and this was no different. The video is basically Justin doing one of those tech conference things (LOL) where he is presenting a robot that copies his moves. So of course the robot is a singing and dancing sensation. Just watch the video, it’s awesome!

#3 Kendrick Lamar & SZA “All the Stars”

“All the Stars” is the lead single from the upcoming Black Panther: The Album; the soundtrack for Marvel’s Black Panther. I’m already excited about this movie from the very beginning. Then Marvel announced that Kendrick Lamar and Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith are curating and producing this very soundtrack. This movie is already going to be huge and what better way to set the mood for this epic movie than to put the hottest and most socially aware artist Kendrick Lamar behind it. (Listen below!)

#4 Cecil John “Control”

“Control” is a new track dropped by Cecil today. I don’t know what he does or how he does it but I love it all. He impresses me more and more with every song that he releases. And I could honestly listen to his voice all day, every day.

The song itself hits deep too, though. He talks about looking for approval from others and figuring out who he (we) is. Basically, taking control and finding yourself, not basing that off of anything or anyone else. That sounds right, right? This is another one of those songs that has perfect timing for me because I feel every bit of it. Listen below!

#5 Kalin White “Thought You Knew”

“Thought You Knew” is a new track that Kalin has blessed his fans with this week. Every time I hear new music from him, I’m just that much more proud of him. I become a bigger fan of him every day. The vibe for this song is a little different than some of the other songs he’s dropped but still very much him.

He always gives us that Cali swag and makes sure that his female fans know that he’s making music for them. We have to love him for that. He’s been working on another project (since he dropped Chapter 21 back in 2016). He also recently signed with a booking agency so a tour is probably definitely in the works (fingers crossed).


#6 Myles Parrish “Mosh Pit”

In typical Myles fashion, we get all the way Bay Area with his new track “Mosh Pit”. Myles is known for jumping in the crowd, crowd-surfing, and moshing with fans at his shows. He didn’t do that at the show I went to (for the Hype Tour) but from finally seeing his energy live, I got a pretty good idea. Definitely looking forward to more music and hopefully shows in the upcoming year from Myles.

#7 Blackbear featuring Gucci Mane “do re mi” (Remix)

“do re mi” is a single off of Blackbear’s Digital Druglord album that was released last year (2017) and is still one of my favorites from him. This song got a lot of radio play as well, even by some of my local stations which was a shocker, but much deserved. I’m still trying to get used to his latest album Cybersex so I’m glad he released this remix with Gucci Mane to give the song even more longevity. You never know what to expect from Blackbear so this should be a very interesting 2018.

#8 Darrein Safron “Ends”

“Ends” is a new release by Darrein, who I haven’t spoken much about on the blog yet. I first heard of him through RnBass, my favorite source for new R&B/ Soul music. He is a R&B singer out of from St. Louis and is signed with Tech N9ne’s record label Strange Music. That was enough of a co-sign for me.

Even though Darrein is categorized as an R&B singer, his rhyming skills are impressive. He is definitely a cool mix of Chris Brown and Drake but still very unique in his delivery and style. Now, I am not a huge fan of auto-tuned music but I really like how it’s used on this song. I’m excited to see what else he has in the pipeline and you can be sure that I will be talking about him more this year.


*The apple music/ iTunes links above are affiliate links… you can listen to the music but if you decided to purchase any of them, I will get a percentage of the sale*

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