Luke Christopher Drops Hot New Music Video with Special Leading Lady!

Happy Friday! I am really working on getting content to you guys much earlier but it’s been a little crazy. But I promise today will be good because a few of my favorites decided to drop some new projects.

I am going to start with this amazing young lyricist Luke Christopher. He dropped his new video for his song “Changed Me” today. Not only is this one of my favorite songs he’s dropped recently but the video is so adorable! And I think that’s his actual girlfriend in the vid which makes it even cuter.

This song is so sexy and not your typical love song but still can be categorized as one, you know? It’s real, raw, and romantic at the same time; at least to me. I personally love when a guy wants to show off his girl, especially when you’re a celebrity or in the spotlight like this. I just love everything about this!


Please check out his music on šŸ™‚

And his other music videos on (or his VEVO page) šŸ™‚



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