MCM: Ro James & His New Album ELDORADO!

Ro James and his album ELDORADO has been my music crush for at least the past 2 weeks. From start to finish, this album is up there as one of my favorite albums of this year (along with Zayn and Rihanna so far).

“… James brings a sense of danger to his smoldering R&B. Inspired in part by Prince – and reminiscent of recent work by Miguel and Frank Ocean – the soul singer’s full-length debut is a sensual set of nocturnal slow jams that lends classic sounds an atmospheric, hip-hop-indebted edge…” (Apple Music)

That description embodies Ro James and this album. Being a fan of Prince, Miguel, and Frank Ocean, I definitely pick up that vibe from Ro. He gives you that dark, deep, sexy voice like Prince but can still go from suggestive sex tracks to gentle love songs similar to Miguel and his recent album Wildheart, and the musicality and production like Frank Ocean. He gives off all of those vibes and more.

I can’t even give you my favorite song. The whole album is amazing and there is no skipping. Each song falling seamlessly into one another. It’s just one hit after another. I also love the fact that it’s an album you can listen to by yourself to chill out to or with your significant other to set the mood.

I feel like I can’t even come up with the proper words to do Ro or this album enough justice. So just take his word for it 🙂

“… I definitely don’t fit the typical mode of R&B, but I’m not too far from it. I’m just more of myself… It’s gritty, it’s dirty, but it’s honest and it’s pure. It’s love…” (


Check Out his Video for his song “Permission”


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