Got7 Makes Their Return with Breath of Love: Last Piece!

Winter is here, December literally just starting, and there’s already so much happening, especially in the K-Pop universe. I have been mainly been looking forward to this Got7 album and videos for the longest. Plus, we have Kai, from EXO and SuperM, with his solo debut. I’ve also added a new favorite and another new boy group, so I hope you enjoy this one 🙂

Got7 is Back with the album Breath of Love: Last Piece!

Of course, I missed these guys once we stopped seeing them all over social media and variety shows. But I don’t think that I realized how much I truly missed them until I started watching new content from them. Got7 never disappoints and I knew this album was going to be a masterpiece when they released the 1st lead single/ title song and visuals for “Breath”. Their presence and sound continue to be so addicting.

Their second lead single/ title song, “Last Piece” is just as amazing and electric as their first, “Breath”. When things slow down a bit, after the first few songs, we really get to hear their vocal range, which still blows my mind. Right now, though, the songs that stick out to me are “Special”, “Wave”, and “Thank you, Sorry”. Every song has something special about it, so, as a whole, it’s a beautiful, well put together album (even though the record label refuses to promote it properly).

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I recently uploaded a new Unboxing Video where I finally received my Got7 Album. Check it out below! 🙂

Kai – The First Mini Album

Watching KAI with EXO then with SuperM, it was obvious that he was going to come with sexy songs and visuals. But it’s so much more and I couldn’t be happier for him on this first solo album. The sexiness starts with his lead single “Mmmh” and that video, YA’LL (see below)! I was going to say that I love that he really went the Pop/ R&B route, but the more I listen to it, that’s not really the case.

And as I sit here trying to figure out what songs stick out to me the most, I honestly cannot decide. Every one of them hits me differently. This album is just… GOOD. KAI seriously did his thing on this album and I am super proud.

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BTOB 4U is the second unit of the boy group BTOB, 4U meaning “for you” or to represent the four members in this unit. I first heard of their full group through Monsta X’s variety show ‘Monsta X-Ray’, and I thought they were cute and hilarious. They all debuted back in 2012 so they have become one of those “older” groups that I love going back to because their sound is so different. I love them all but am excited to support this smaller unit and their first mini album.

“Show Your Love” is such an adorable, Pop/ Dance track so it’s definitely become my favorite. “Tension” has more of a groove to it, not quite R&B, but not Pop or Dance either. I love the guitar and slower beat for “Mirage”. There is just something about these older generation boy groups that make me happy.

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ENHYPEN Debuts with Mini Album BORDER: DAY ONE

ENHYPEN consist of the final 7 members from the survival show I-LAND under BE:LIFT Lab, a joint label created by BigHit Entertainment and CJ E&M Entertainment. I did catch some of the show, and even saw the episode that BTS was on (the boys were fan-boying and it was precious). I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from their sound but after listening to this first album, I am pleasantly surprised. It is a Pop album, which I don’t mind, and my favorites are “Given-Taken” and “Flicker” at the moment.

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Muzik Junqie Update!

I uploaded a new Youtube video! It’s another unboxing, but it’s my first ever BTS merchandise unboxing. I don’t know what possessed me to make the jump into the world of BTS merchandise but I just kind of went for it. It’s still hard to call myself an “Army” even though I technically am, for the boys anyway.

Also, the boys continue to make history, as they have gained another #1 on the Billboard 200 with “Life Goes On”. So maybe I was wrong about the whole “Dynamite”, English-language, thing. They were more than capable of doing it, I just don’t trust the music business especially when it comes to acknowledging certain “genres” and artists. I am truly happy for them and  hope that some of my other favorites are able to experience that kind of success.

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