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Get a ‘Dose’ of Teddy Swims

I guess Tik Tok can be a good thing sometimes LOL. This latest Muzik Crush, Teddy Swims, won me over with his “Don’t Stop Believin” cover. That of course led me to look to see if he had any other music. He does, it’s great, and now I am going to talk to you about…

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Woosung is Back with New Moth EP!

I was initially supposed to do a post about Woosung before I saw him in concert last month, but I couldn’t publish it at the time. But now with his new EP out, I figured now was as good of a time as any to talk to you guys about him. He is the member/…

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April Recap!

Well, Hello There! I know it hasn’t been THAT long, but it feels like it has. I’ve been trying to focus on other things, while not losing my mind from my 9-5. I’ve had some interesting things come up since I last published a blog post on here. So, I thought I would do a…

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