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EXO Drops New Album Obsession!

I had been seeing and hearing about EXO for a while now but I was already feeling so overwhelmed with all of the new groups I was already listening to. They had apparently taken a little break and were preparing a comeback. So, after I started seeing the amazing teaser photos, I decided to listen…

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ANE… Artist to Watch!

As a music blogger, who is constantly exploring new genres and cultures, it is rare when an artist pops up embodying exactly the kind of music you are looking for. This new artist ANE reached out to me recently and she is a combination of all of the music I have been listening to lately…

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Fan-Girl Update! What’s New in K-Pop!

With so much happening in the K-Pop world, I figured that it was time to do another Fan-Girl Update and talk about it. It’s more than just my favorites, Monsta X. I do love a lot of other K-Pop artists/ groups out there, and am still discovering so much about the music and culture. Let…

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