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Re-Discovering Hip Hop and R&B! The Playlist!

I know that I have been posting a lot of K-Pop lately but there really is just so much of it and it’s consistent. But that doesn’t mean that I stopped listening to everything else. My feelings do go back and forth when it comes to Rap and Hip Hop, even though I do still…

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June Fan-Girl Update! New Playlist Additions!

I’ve been hesitant to do a post like this lately, especially when my focus has been on posting relevant content in support of more Black artists and creators. Also, I have been seeing more information regarding how harmful K-pop fandoms have been to me fellow black female K-pop fans over the years. I knew it…

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My Black Experience… Struggling with My Identity

I haven’t said a whole lot about what has been going on since the murder of George Floyd (Rest in Peace), especially when it comes to how it affects me, personally. Everyone is chanting “ALL Black Lives Matter” but there is still a lot of division within the Black community: against lighter complexions, black women,…

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