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5 Punk/ Rock Artists of Color You Should Check Out!

This year I came across an account on Instagram called @punkblack, that basically shines a light on punk/ rock groups of color. Finding their page added even more excitement to my love of music and wanting to continue writing about it. This is not a genre I am unfamiliar with, my love of it starting…

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Does BTS’s New Album BE Live Up to the Hype?

I am used to some fans over-hyping music just because their favorite artist made it. They will also over hype it by buying, promoting, and streaming the music, to outdo other artists and win awards. It’s hard to trust so I have to be careful. This post is going to reveal how I really feel…

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Fatal Love, the 3rd Full Album from Monsta X!

*Reaction Update I know that I had already posted about Monsta X’s recent comeback and album Fatal Love, and included some other artists. But since its release, I have listened to it so many more times and have watched pretty much every last music show performance for this particular comeback. Also, I have seen the…

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