New Music Alert! Zayn Remixed (Again)!

More Zayn? Yes… More Freakin’ Zayn!

It’s been a good week for Zayn and the #Zsquad . On Wednesday, Zayn performed his new single “Like I Would” on The Voice Finale on NBC. I am actually a little upset about that because I had originally planned to DVR it but I had read a few articles saying that he didn’t show up for rehearsals the day before so I didn’t even check to make sure. Thank goodness they posted his performance on Twitter afterward. And he did amazing. Check it out here:

He’s amazing isn’t he?!

And today, a Remix EP of “Like I Would” was released. The first remix I heard was by White Panda (check out my post) then I heard one yesterday by the UK’s Troy Boi (@TroyBoiMusic) which is more of a “Trap” version but definitely a dope remix.


The EP has 7 different remix tracks on it. And they are all really different. But being that “Like I Would” is such a great song, it can be changed up so many times and still be a hit. Zayn’s voice has so much range too so it fits many genres (if you couldn’t already tell from his 1D to solo music transition).

The videos and tv appearances have been great but hopefully we’ll see a lot more of him in the upcoming months, maybe even a tour (please do a US tour!).

Either way, congrats on all of your success so far 🙂



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