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Happy Monday to you my lovely readers! I am back with a MCM (Music Crush Monday aka Man Crush Monday in this case). Last Monday I introduced you to 3 amazing male artists who have been killing the cover game lately. One these artists, 25 year old William Singe, have become a favorite of mine. I have been listening to him and watching his videos non-stop for the past week or so. He is just so talented and, like most artists that I adore, I wanted to learn more about him, his journey, and his music.

The Collective

William is from Australia and grew up around music because of his father, a singer/ songwriter out of New Zealand. He was always working on music and still went to school and got a job like a normal young person would. Then he decided to audition for X Factor Australia season 3 in 2011. He only made it to the end of the boot-camp stage.

Will would audition the next season, the next year (2012). He only made it to the super boot-camp stage. Instead of sending him home, they put him together with 4 other guys and they would be called The Collective. So, William was officially the member of a boy-band where he would be the rapper and singer of the group.

*Will is the 4th from the left… Adorable, right? 😉 *



The Collective came in 3rd place, but that would not be the end for them. Like most acts that come out in the top 3 or so on these talent reality shows, it wasn’t long before they were signed to Sony Music Australia. They released many singles, an album, videos, and even did some touring. But in 2015 they split up to go solo and do their own things.

Now, before I continue with Will’s story, all of this reminds me so much of Zayn. Will even reminds me of him a little bit. He has this awesome personality and amazing talent that was stifled a little bit by being thrown into a boy-band. I don’t know if he was miserable like Zayn was but you can tell that he’s doing what he really loves now.

Going Solo

Officially a solo artist, William began recording cover tracks of popular Pop, Hip Hop, and R&B artists in his bedroom and posting them to his Facebook and Youtube. His following grew rather quickly and continues to grow. He signed with Paradigm in late 2015 (is now signed to RCA). People, including myself, see his music and videos as more than just a clip of him showing off his amazing vocal ability and range. They also show his ability to produce and work behind the boards. His producing ability was appreciated while he was in The Collective. In one of their group interviews they said that they loved his musicality and if you wanted a song done that you went to Will.

When it comes to his actual releases, many of them were his covers, and they were made available on iTunes/ Apple Music. You could also find them on Spotify and Soundcloud. Also, between 2015 to now, he released 3 mixtapes: The Jump Off, The Re-Intoduction, and The Re-Introduction II. These mixtapes are collections of his covers, most of them that are not available on iTunes/ Apple Music. I believe that he has been working on some original music and will be releasing an EP, sometime soon hopefully.







What I Really Think 😉

I LOVE his covers so much! First of all, it doesn’t hurt that he is adorable and has the cutest Australian accent. But when I tell you guys that his voice has given me serious chills from the very first note I heard from him. It could be those beautiful falsettos but whatever it is, he is definitely something special. His vocal range is crazy and he does it so effortlessly. I hear a little bit of my favorite vocalists in him but he is still doing his own thing setting him apart easily.

William definitely won me over with his covers of 90’s-00s songs like “Let’s Get Married” by Jagged Edge and “Pony” by Genuwine. And when it comes to his covers of recent songs, he sounds better than the original in most cases. He mixes and sings the songs different than the artists who performed them originally. I know for a fact that his covers increase the sales for the original songs and artists. Check out this Forbes article where they kind of break down Will’s rise to viral success…


< >


What is William Up to Now?…

Now onto the topic of touring, in January of last year (2016), William hit the road for The Introduction Tour across Australia, Asia, the United States and Europe. He is about to embark on another tour this year that starts next month in February. He will be performing shows across the USA and Canada along with fellow cover sensation Alex Aiono (who I talked about last Monday). Will and Alex have a couple of cover/ mash-up songs together and they are awesome. Check out one of those mash-ups below…



With all of that said, I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to see them live in 2 months! I will be going with my best friend to see them when they come to New Orleans (About 2 hours away from where I live). I can already tell that this will be a very different concert experience than what I am used to but that’s what makes it more exciting. You know that I will tell you all about it and hopefully have pictures and video of it to share.


I hope that you all enjoyed learning more about Mr. William Singe. Please check out his covers, mixtapes, and especially his Youtube videos (all of his links are below). Let me know what you think about him and the other cover artists. I’d love to hear how you guys feel about them.


Check out his music and follow him on social media 🙂




Twitter & Instagram @willsinge


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