My Favorite Moments of the Week! (January 23rd-27th 2017)

Happy Friday Guys & Girls! I hope you had a wonderful week and have an awesome weekend ahead of you. I honestly had no idea how this week was going to go, from my personal life to my music world. I’m still fighting to make things better for myself but my favorites decided to cheer me up and release new music and videos this week. Let me recap some of these for you 🙂


William Singe Finally Drops Bad & Boujee Cover!

I have a bit of a confession to make… I have been listening to Willam Singe every day since I first found him and his music. That doesn’t mean that he’s all I listen to, I promise. There is just something about Will’s voice that makes me want to hear it all the time. He has a very calming voice which, lately, has been something I’ve needed. And, I guess, a part of me cannot get over how talented he is. I admire his production skills and impressive vocal range.

Will has a ton of cover videos, along with some of his tour footage, on YouTube. I have watched all of them. Once I finished those, I started searching for some live videos of him. I came across several concert videos and experience videos by fans. Most of them are very entertaining to say the least. I feel like I have been preparing myself for his concert that I am going to in March. It’s something I’ve always done before going to shows

Re-watching his videos will never get old to me but I was still ecstatic when I saw that he was posting a new cover video. He did a mash-up if Migos’ hit “Bad and Boujee” and Big Sean’s new single “Bounceback”. I’ve honestly been waiting on him to do “Bad and Boujee” and he killed it as usual. Will first teased about it on Twitter, gradually posted the video on Facebook then on YouTube. The single is now available on iTunes/ Apple Music.





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Alex Aiono Releases New Song!

Now onto this cutie 🙂 All this week Alex has been teasing his new original song “Work the Middle”. Like most new music on iTunes/ Apple Music, it was released around midnight/ early this Friday morning. I was still awake so I listened to it right away. Alex is still pretty song but he has always sounded very mature and this song is no different. I love it, especially since it’s an original song and not a cover.

This song couldn’t have better timing, seeing as he is preparing for the “Changes” tour with William Singe. Alex even posted on Instagram how excited he was after getting out of rehearsal for the show. That got me excited! I can’t wait to see what he and Will have in store for us. And I know that Will has been working on some original material too so I’m anxious to hear it all.





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Myles Parrish Keeps Us Giggin’ With New Track 2006!

I am not sure how familiar you guys are with Myles or if you follow him on social media at all. I spoke about him a couple of times in some older posts since he was part of a duo with Kalin White. The reason why those two decided to part ways is still getting interesting as Myles is the only one who has come out about it a little bit. But back to Myles, he seems to have been keeping pretty busy lately. He has even made appearances at fellow Cali artists’ shows.

Being from California and that whole movement, along with his supportive fan base, has kept him relevant for sure. I became a fan of his kind of late but I’m still a fan and hope to see him get more recognition as a solo artist. Anyway, he just recently dropped his new single “2006”. He explained, “In ’06 I was a sophomore in High School, so if you were paying attention to the hyphy era over the course of its height, listen in below and enjoy! Yee!”. That reason right there is why I have been so into his recent music. I was (and still am) a fan of that Hyphy sound that comes out of the Bay Area in Cali. It’s contagious and makes you get on your feet for sure 🙂

< >



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