Luke Christopher Gives Us A Little Therapy with New Song!

Happy Monday! Today I decided to skip my usual MCM post even though this song has been my Music Crush since it came out last Friday. I was going to post this tomorrow for #TMRWTuesday but since he didn’t actually release this song on a Tuesday, I decided to tell you about it today… You guys are still following me, right? LOL

So, earlier last week Luke kept posting about dropping a new song on Friday and of course I was excited. He’s really been releasing a lot of new music lately and very consistently; Each song being even better than the next. But I want to say that this song just brought it to a whole other level for me. It’s called “Therapy” and is exactly as the title states. It’s basically a sweet song about giving your significant other a break from their busy and/or stressful life.

When Luke posted the link for the song on Twitter, he posted it with this caption: “For the overworked, overstressed shorties. We got you like you got us…” and that right there and one of the many reasons that I love him. Also, this song couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I have been dealing with a lot of anxiety and stress lately, trying to find the right music to get me through the day sometimes, and Luke comes along with this…

You can check out the song for yourself. I hope you guys like it as much as I do. Plus, if you like this song then you should check out  couple of my other favorites by him, “Plans” and “Changed Me”. I’ll put the link for those songs below as well.


Enjoy! mostused_whatsapp_emoticons_hashslush2heartemoji




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