Music Discovery! The White Panda

I have been discovering new people and music this week. One of those discoveries was the music duo The White Panda.

Who is The White Panda?

The White Panda formed when two boyhood friends, Chicago-based Procrast (Tom Evans) and DJ Griffi (Dan Griffith), discovered they had individually found mashup careers in college. They officially launched The White Panda in 2009 with a single that topped the internet charts days later.

Their first three albums, “Versus”, “Rematch” and “Pandamonium” made The White Panda soar into Soundcloud’s top five most-played artists in 2011.They’re also toured with plenty of heavy hitters in the music industry.

“Mashup Mondays” are the group’s signature where they put out a new track almost every week for fans. All of the duo’s music is available for free download on their website.

I had never heard of these guys until last night. Their most recent remix of Zayn’s “Like I Would” got my attention. Zayn had retweeted a link with the remix.

This is honestly one of the best remixes I have heard. I promise I am not being biased because it is Zayn. After the whole leaving 1D thing, him going solo, and his debut album dropped, he has been EVERYWHERE. And it just so happens that his music is really good. But I understand if it can be a bit much sometimes. Be patient with me. There’s a method to my madness, I promise!



Check Them Out!



Twitter @thewhitepanda

Instagram @whitepandamusic



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