Social Media: The Toxic Side & How to Avoid it

This post is inspired by a social media post from @Selfcarevisuals and @justgirlproject. I saw it and instantly felt the need to share it, as well as add some of my own thoughts and advice. Often, I tell people that if it wasn’t for this Blog, I wouldn’t be on social media much, if at all. Lately, I’ve been keeping my distance from Twitter, for the most part, but that is one of the more toxic platforms that I have seen.

I did a post similar to this one, but more so dealing with general news when it gets to be too much. We had a lot going on then, and things seem to have only gotten worse, in some aspect. I want to help all of us get through these tough times as much as I can. Before I go into this new topic, though, please check out the post below that I previously mentioned.


Follow Social Media Accounts That Make You Feel Good

I can understand how this can be tough. The accounts I follow are based on the accounts that I have (I have both personal and Business/ Brand accounts). For my personal accounts, I mainly follow close friends and family, inspirational pages, cute animal pages, favorite music pages, and some news pages. For my Muzik Junqie accounts, I follow some of the same friends and family, but not as much, music news’/ blog pages, and lots of artists’ pages.

But, what I recommend for those of you have only one main page, keep it simple. If you do follow your favorite artists, for example, turn on your notifications for them, so that you don’t have to scroll through unnecessary content to get to them. What I do like about Twitter, is how you can make lists of your favorite accounts and just use that as your feed of information.


Don’t Get Involved in Arguments or Give Trolls the Time of Day

This should be easy advice to follow, but I know that sometimes it can be hard to NOT respond. If it’s on your page, and you can make your page private or you can turn off your comments, then do that. Skip past negative posts begging you to get involved just for some sort of engagement. Most people are just looking for attention, in real life and online, don’t give them the satisfaction.


Unfollow Toxic “Friends” and Family Members

You know those people who only post quotes that are obviously meant for a specific someone to see? Or the people who post every little thing that they’re doing, most of the time, doing things that they really shouldn’t have posted online. Then you have my favorite people, the acquaintances who don’t reach out in real life, or respond to texts, but can be all in your business on social media. Un-follow those friends or family members that are just trying to be nosey.


Take a Break!

Just like it says… Take a Break! It won’t hurt you or anyone else if you simply take a break from posting or scrolling through social media. If it’s turned into such a habit, then do it gradually. I started to leave social media alone on Sundays, no scrolling or posting, mainly when it comes to my business pages. Eventually I want to avoid it for an entire weekend, at least lol.


Don’t Take Social Media Seriously

This one right here! Even if you use social media for business, don’t let the lack of likes, comments, or overall support make you feel like a failure. Ignore the mean and petty comments from people who don’t know you or simply aren’t doing what you are doing. You have to love what you’re doing and love the content that you’re putting out. If you don’t believe in what you put out, then who will?


Be Yourself!

This goes for our everyday lives and social media. Don’t let social media trick you into believing that you need to be like everyone else. Leave that peer pressure to be “popular” or the need too just “fit in” back in high school. We need to focus more on being confident in ourselves and kind to others.

Post what you want, when you want. If it helps, put your account on private and only accept those you are comfortable with. Social media is a way for us to share a piece of ourselves with others, and maybe even find some kindred souls because of it. But it’s YOUR page/ profile so manage it how you want.


Support Our AAPI Communities!

It’s still hard to put in words what is happening to our AAPI brothers and sisters. But, I just wanted to make sure that you knew where I stood on it. I will always be here to show my love and support. We see you… We hear you… We are with you. Click the picture below for ways you can support or donate to help!

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