New Video Alert! Snakehips ft. Zayn

Okay, so I am going to skip over the obvious right now LOL…

But Snakehips finally released the visual for their new song “Cruel” featuring Zayn. I love the bright, neon backdrop. The overall visuals are amazing, not to mention that the dancers and choreography fit perfectly with the song and video. It’s so simple but so powerful at the same time.

Now, can I please talk about Zayn?! To say that he hasn’t been the cause of most (if not all) of my fan-girling lately then I don’t know what has. I already spoke about how I felt about the song not too long ago but Zayn’s voice just fits. It definitely has that R&B feel but it’s still a dance track. And he looks so gorgeous in this video! I mean, we see him all over social media for everything else but to see him singing in a video, in his element, it’s a beautiful thing. It makes my soul happy to see my favorite artists happy and just doing their thing. I also enjoy watching Zayn sing upbeat R&B music like this because it looks like he wants to break out the dance moves. Yes Zsquad is still waiting on that J

Before I get too caught up in talking about Zaynie, check out the video!


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