Niall Horan Makes Solo Debut!

As someone who loves music and keeping up with my favorite entertainers, this week has been very interesting. A lot happening in my fan girl world LOL. I am going to talk about some of that today but I promise that there is plenty more to come.

Today I want to talk about the fact that Niall Horan (One Direction) released his solo debut earlier today. I don’t think I’m alone when I say that I didn’t expect Niall to be the first one (after Zayn) to release a single. I guess I thought we would hear from Liam Payne or Harry Styles first. But while Liam has been in the spotlight with the new love of his life and quietly working on music ( I hope) and Harry kind of just being all over the place, Niall has been quietly and non dramatically doing his own thing. Unless I just wasn’t aware of his moves but all I really saw was him dating a new girl, traveling, going to concerts, and playing  a lot of golf. Very normal activities if you ask me, considering what his band mates have been publicized (or rumored) doing.

But back to my sweet little Irishman Niall 🙂

Earlier today Niall posted a video on his Instagram ( @niallhoran ) of him singing his new song “This Town” which is also available on iTunes/ Apple Music along with the live version that he posted on his Insta.(Check out the full video below…)



“This Town” is a soft ballad sung from the view of a brokenhearted guy, openly spilling out his emotions over not having his love with him anymore. It is beautifully sung and the acoustics are amazing. Niall has always been a very talented musician and guitar player, even during his days in One Direction. And I feel as though if you weren’t a fan of him individually then you may not have noticed how talented he really was and is.

I am so proud of Niall and this new song, and I am also happy that his song has been so well received so far. He deserves it. I can’t wait to see what else he has in store for us, along with the rest of the boys.


Check out his new song and video ASAP! And Follow him on social media (links below)!


Follow Him!



Twitter @NiallOfficial

Instagram @niallhoran


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