6 New Muzik Playlist Additions to Check Out!

In my quest to get back to what makes Muzik Junqie… Muzik Junqie, I want to share some new music with you guys. Some are old favorites while others are newer favorites. Either way, they are all artists that I would love for you guys to check out. Hope you enjoy my picks and find some new favorites of your own.

Hoping to add more playlists to either my Spotify or Apple Music so keep an eye out for that!

Jay Park Drops New Single!

So one of my old favorites, K-Pop or otherwise, Jay Park has released a new single called “SUMMERIDE”. This is the perfect Summer vibe, something to ride around to. He always gives us those smooth R&B songs that you can just groove to. This one is no different, and as always, I will wait for more music from this beautiful man 🙂 

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Official: www.jaypark.com


Instagram @jparkitrighthere

Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/jaybumaom0425

Justin Park Drops New Single and Video!

Here we have another more recent favorite of mine, who has smooth R&B vocals as well. The super talented Justin Park recently dropped a new single called “Adore You, Dior You” that also features Ted Park. The sound is difficult to describe for me, other than basically the type of vibe that’s popular right now. It’s that uptempo R&B mixed with a Hip Hop, almost Trap like sound. It’s a dope song, and definitely catchy.  

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Twitter @JustinParkMusic

Instagram @justinparkofficial

Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ9U4LOs3FCaD-SUVlZxRvg


J.Cob Drops New Single featuring Rakiyah!

J.Cob is another recent discovery for me, who I found when checking out Rakiyah. It’s all coming back around because this time, she is featured on his song called “Hard to Breathe”. They really do sound great together and I love the sexy R&B, slow tempo vibes. The mix of English and Korean is always a beautiful mix.

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Instagram @j.cob_kr


Official: www.rakiyahinspace.com

Twitter @rakiyahinspace

Instagram @rakiyah

Youtube: Rakiyah – YouTube


Kiera Please Releases New Song!

Popular cos-player and anime streetwear ambassador, Kiera Please has recently released a new single “Ghost in the Shell”, inspired by the anime ‘Ghost in the Shell’ (you should watch this if you’re into anime). Kiera mentioned that is something different compared to what she normally does, but that’s not a bad thing. It’s such a cute and bubbly song but still has some Hip Hop vibes to it. I really like it and it makes me even more of a fan 🙂

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Instagram @kieraplease 


Mar1asol Releases New Single!

I never know what I am walking into when artists reach out to me on Instagram. But this particular situation was a great one and I am excited to introduce you to her. This talented lady right here, Mar1asol, is a new discovery and is currently promoting her new single “Waterfalls”. If you are a fan of R&B and NeoSoul, then you should check her out. 

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Instagram @mar1asol


Catching Up on New Music from ThaniaBear!

I hate that I’m just really mentioning ThaniaBear on here, but as I was going through a list of music to catch up on, I made sure he was on there. His latest project Mind of a Bear, Vol. 1 was released back in February. It has 3 tracks and this is like my favorite type of “mood music”, if that makes sense. Basically, the music on this single is something chill to vibe to. 

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Instagram @thaniabear


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