Music Review! Russ Drops New Fan-Awaited Album Zoo!

I am slowly but surely trying to get back to posting regularly. Things have been rough so a break is needed, even if this blog is one of the few things that keeps me going nowadays. I also love getting a chance to share new things with you guys as much as I can; it really does mean a lot to me. Today, I am excited to bring you another artist, Russ, who I have talked about before, and his second album Zoo, after loving his first album so much..

This is “technically” Russ’ 2nd full studio length album. If you look at his complete discography, he has released many EP’s and mixtapes, some only 1 song. I actually learned some music industry hacks watching his interviews about his journey. He’s talented and very business savvy, which I definitely love about him.

My Review of Zoo

I am always a little hesitant when it comes to the 2nd album but Russ did not disappoint, in my opinion anyway. It was a bit difficult to pick some favorites to talk about, without just talking about the entire album. Funny thing is that out of the 3 songs with features, none of them made my list of favorites. It’s not that I don’t love them, they just didn’t stick out to me.

The first one is “Kill Them All” and I love the music/ beat plus the simple hook; giving us that typical Russ flow that I love so much. This is also one of those tracks where he comes after the haters (especially the Instagram rappers and internet gangsters). Next we have “Missin You Crazy” which puts his amazing vocals over guitar for a little bit before that beat drops, changing the tempo. I’ve always had a thing for his slower tempo “love” songs because they’s so honest and deep.

Then we have “Voicemail” and “Parkstone Drive” where Russ mentions his mother and estranged relationship with his father. He still comes with raw, hard-hitting lyrics. What stood out to me on “Parkstone Drive” was the fact that it reminded me of Juice World’s “Lucid Dreams” (one of my favorite tracks on radio right now). A couple of other favorites are “Serious”, a slower tempo track and ” Our Time” with more bounce and a catchy hook.

Peep the video for “The Flute Song” here…

Final Thoughts!

As a whole, I really do love this whole album, and appreciate everything that Russ is. On social media, after the album was released, he told fans in the Atlanta area that he would be in the parking of a store out there, with the first vehicle he ever owned, and would play the album for them. You have to love artists who find ways to show their love and appreciation for their fans. Check him out whenever you get a chance! 🙂


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