Music Review! Star Child’s New Project Heathen

We are almost done with 2018 and of course that means that we are all beginning to reflect on what we may or mat not accomplished this past year. And many of us are starting on our goal list for 2019. I know that I’ve been working on my list, adding to it everyday. I’ll definitely fill you guys in on that, but for now, let’s get to the music 🙂

Heathen… My Review

For today’s review, I will be talking about someone who I have posted before. He goes by the name Star Child and is a Hip Hop/ Rap artist. I did a review on his last project The Zone back in April of last year (2017). Since then, he has changed things up a little bit.

To check out my review of his last project The Zone, check it out here.

The last project was released on Valentine’s Day and was a more R&B/ Neo-Soul vibe, with the story about a man being infatuated with a woman. This time around, for his new project Heathen, he released it for Halloween (cool, right?). So of course he went harder, with more of a Trap/ Hip Hop theme. And there’s nothing wrong with that because it definitely fits with the music that is out right now from that genre.

A few songs do stick out to me after listening to it a few times. The first one is called “Pray 4 Me” and the beat slows down a bit for this one, but I really just like the whole feel of this one. I also like “Scary Thoughts” for the bars and the melody that he incorporated. And last is the song “I Heard”, which caught my attention from the second the music started; this track having a more chill vibe as well.

Final Thoughts!

It’s always good to break away from the music I normally listen to. The “music friends” that I have made on social media, whether they suggest music to me or send me their own projects, are amazing and I want you guys to know them. And I can’t forget to mention that this whole project was produced by Star Child and his two younger brothers @juic3akins and @KalelXavier . Check them out as well!

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