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Happy Tuesday! You know, I have a lot of reasons to be happy about this music review for Travis Scott’s new album Astroworld. Obviously, because everyone (including me) has been waiting on this record, especially with all of the teases from Travis on social media. But because someone had the nerve to say that they didn’t believe that Travis could be considered an “A-List” artist and that he is only categorized as that because he’s dating a Kardashian. I was just going to let Travis’ fans and his album numbers answer that BS…

Astroworld… The Review

To be clear, I did not jump on the Travis Scott bandwagon right away. And I have never been a huge fan of a lot of auto-tune but I was officially a fan after Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight (2016). I knew his music and knew who he was before that album (especially since he’s from Texas), but I wasn’t officially a fan yet. I can be late to the party sometimes LOL but once I catch on, that’s it, game over 🙂

As a whole, I mess with every single song on this album. And as much as I want to focus on some of my favorites, we have to talk about these amazing, and almost unexpected, Astroworld features! We are talking about “music/ producer royalty”, like the fact that he has a harmonica solo from none other than Stevie Wonder on “Stop Trying to be God”. Also, on that same song, we get a breathtaking, take you to church-like verse from James Blake.

Kid Cudi and his dreamy hums are also featured on “Stop Trying to be God” while Frank Ocean lends his beautiful vocals to “Carousel”.  And on one of the most catchy tracks (in my opinion) “SICKO MODE” Drake lends his casual flows and Swae Lee (of Rae Sremmurd) helps Travis out with bridge but comes back for a nice verse on the tribute to the Houston legend DJ Screw on “R.I.P. Screw”. And I can’t forget about Pharrell Williams and the overall vibe that be brings to “Skeletons”. The Weeknd and his hypnotizing vocals are also featured on this Pharrell assisted track, along with “Wake Up”.

That isn’t even the full list of features for this album. I didn’t mention Juice World, Sheck Wes, Tame Impala, 21 Savage, Thundercat, John Mayer, Gunna, NAV, Don Toliver, and Quavo  and Takeoff (Migos). Astroworld is definitely a rollercoaster ride full of unexpected twists and turns, especially when it comes to who Travis chose for each song. But everything makes sense, no matter where he takes us on this wild ride. I didn’t even recognize some of those features at first so I am definitely going to take some time to REALLY listen to this album and see what music elements I pick up this time around.


Check out the real, more in-depth feature break down here…

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Check Out the Trailer for the album here… For more videos and audio from Astroworld, check out the Youtube link below!

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