Music Crush! Arin Ray Giving Us All of the R&B Vibes with His New Record Platinum Fire!

Happy Tuesday! I know it’s been a while since I have really done one of these posts on here but I found one! This is not to say that I haven’t been listening to some great music, that I didn’t get a chance to write about. But this particular artist and this album, Platinum Fire, gave me that feeling that I feel like I have been missing. Ya’ll know that I have my favorites and they are all still in heavy rotation but I needed someone new who could give me those save vibes, and Arin Ray is that someone 🙂

Arin’s Journey So Far…

Arin’s story may sound a little similar to some artists I have mentioned before. He was on the second season of X-Factor (US) and finished in 10th place. He had actually auditioned for the first season but didn’t make it past the bootcamp portion. Arin was given a second chance and put into one of the teen groups but the group finished in 12th. The group later disbanded and Arin took that time to work on himself as a singer and as a student, being that he was still in school at the time.

He did audition for the show again, performing some original material. Arin made it a bit further, competing as a solo artist this time around. He finished in 10th place, viewers votes not able to keep them there. He has since released a lot of music, including this latest project Platinum Fire.

My Review of Platinum Fire

Before I really get into this review, I think I have lost count with how many times that I have listened to this album. It came at such a perfect time for me and has been everything I’ve needed and more. The whole album and overall vibe is so relateable to me, I love it! It feels good to have found another artist like this to add to my list of favorites 🙂

Every track gives me a vibe from other artists that I love, but he still comes across with his own style. I love when artists are this young (22) giving us those smooth 90s R&B sounds with a modern day flair. I can find something that I love in each song. I thought I had favorites in the beginning but after listening to it again and again, I don’t have just 1 or 2 favorites that stick out to me.

Plus, he has some dope features on this album; Ty Dolla Sign, DRAM, YG, Childish Major, SiR, and Terrace Martin. Of course I am super in love with his song “Take” with Ty Dolla Sign but I just love every song that Ty is on, honestly. But each feature brings out something different in Arin and the song itself. He just has such a genuinely nice voice and tone when he sings; it’s hard not to want to hear his voice over and over again.

Check out his video for “We Ain’t Homies” below… (I can definitely relate to this one)

 Final Thoughts!

I didn’t want to look more into his time on the X-Factor. A lot of talented people have been on that show as well as other talent shows just like it. Many of them being kicked off early but continuing on to have pretty good careers. And after listening to this album, I have heard what I needed to, to form enough of an opinion on Arin and his music.

He has a lot of music that I still need to check out but so far I’m already excited about him. I look forward to seeing and hearing more from him in the very near future. And he definitely someone who I would like to see live. It feels good to to have found someone else to get excited about right now; that’s why I do this.


Check Him Out!



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