Music Crush! Let’s Get to Know Futuristic!

Today’s Music Crush is 25 year-old Independent Hip Hop artist Zachary Lewis Beck aka Futuristic. I honestly did not know who he was before now and I was looking for something different to listen to. I came across his new album As Seen on the Internet and I was hooked from the very first song. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s very MCM worthy too ;

Futuristic is another artist that I wish I would’ve known about sooner. Where have I been?! He is amazing and exactly what Hip Hop needs right now (along with my other favorite Luke Christopher). His lyrics are entertaining and relevant. He also has an awesome personality and is very animated; check out his music videos and you’ll see what I mean.

He has a pretty long discography and I am doing everything I can to make sure I listen to all of them. So far, I really love his new EP As Seen on the Internet and his joint album with Devvon Terrell called Coast 2 Coast. Devvon Terrell deserves a blog post all to himself because he is amazingly talented as well. The two of them sound so perfect together and complement each other. They both sing and rap, going back and forth on each song effortlessly.

I hope to do a post about Devvon Terrell for you guys soon because trust me when I tell you that he is someone that you should know too.

Here’s a list of some of his other albums you should check out:

The Professor X Tape (2009)

Dream Big (2012)

TGIF (2013)

Chasing Down a Dream (2013)

Traveling Local (2014)

The Rise (2015)

Also, I believe that he is currently on tour. Check out his social media pages for more information. He’s probably even more amazing live.


See his new video for “Do It”… Your new favorite twerk song 🙂



Check Him Out!


Twitter & Instagram @OnlyFuturistic


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