Music Review (WCW Edition)! Jojo is Back with Long-Awaited New Album Mad Love!

Well, the week is already half way over! And I have a special Woman Crush Wednesday Music Review for you guys… JoJo’s new album Mad Love.

This album has been a long time coming for JoJo and fans alike. I, along with many of her other fans, have loved her and that amazing voice since she first came out as a teenager about 10 years ago. She definitely came back swinging and I am all the way here for it!

Mad Love… My Review

The albums starts off slow with a song called “Music” dedicated to her late father, that also shows her love for her music. It’s a beautiful song for sure. Then things pick up on “I Can Only” featuring the amazing young talent Alessia Cara; I really love their voices together. The next couple of songs “F*** Apologies” featuring Wiz Khalifa and “FAB” featuring Remy Ma are very hard-hitting, catchy, and kind of take me back to her older music.

Her more old school ballad “Mad Love” gives me a Meghan Trainor/ Ariana Grande feel. I love the vibe of “Honest” but like “Vibe”, it’s not one of my favorites but I still rock with them. Then you get into her more sexy songs “Like This” and “Edibles” before you get to a great song for any of our ex’s or past relationships called “High Heels”. But then she turns it around and admits her wrongs in “Reckless” and definitely shows off her R&B roots in this one, as well as in “Good Thing”. And last she ends the album on a very high note with encouraging song “Rise Up” showing more of her Pop side.

I will definitely say that this is one of my favorite female albums of this year. Every track flows effortlessly into the next one. This is one of those albums that you can really sit and listen to it from top to bottom. JoJo has always been so easy to listen to and so relatable with her music. There is something for everyone in all of her songs. I can always appreciate a strong female artist who really sings about life and love honestly with nothing but raw emotion. She’s not trying to be anyone else but herself. It’s refreshing to see and hear. And it’s usually hard to me to really find females in this industry that I really mess with because of what’s out there but JoJo has always been one of favorites and still is.


Check out her video for “F*** Apologies” featuring Wiz Khalifa here…



I hope you guys take the time to check out JoJo and her new album, along with some of her older music if you’re interested in where she started…


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