FBF: It’s All That!

Happy Good Friday! And it really is a GOOD Friday for several reasons. One of those reasons, I will discuss in a post next week… The suspense is already killing me 😉

But another one of those reasons is that one of my favorite TV shows from the 90’s is having a Reunion Special in April. I have no idea how old you guys are or if you are even old enough to remember how Nickelodeon was back in the 90’s. 2 of my favorite non animated shows came on every Saturday night… All That then Kenan and Kel. I even had the soundtrack for All That. 

All That was basically the kid version on Saturday Night Live with a ton of skits and musical performances from artists who were popular at the time. Making that comparison is crazy now because Kenan Thompson is actually on SNL now. I am so proud of him by the way.

Times have changed so much since those days when I was growing up (I’m really not THAT old… Just old enough LOL). I guess that’s why I am still just a big ass kid. It’s fun to think back to those times. I really wish the younger generations could experience life as we knew it then. The 90’s weren’t that long ago but things have changed so much that it feels like it.


Here is the Trailer for it…


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