Goodbye March… Hello April! K-Pop Update!

It is getting harder and harder to keep up with new music these days, especially when it comes to K-Pop. There’s so much new music coming out in such a short amount of time. And with my everyday life doing what it does best, confusing me and making my days run together, I’m even more behind. But, I think I am getting back into the swing of things, and keeping up with some of my Favs. This may be a long one, though, because I’m catching up from March, so bear with me lol 🙂

ASTRO is Back with 2nd Full Album All Yours

I have been so excited for this comeback since it was first announced, even though they had to push it back to its current date. This album is different from their others and I love it so much! They have grown and you can see it in their new comeback photos and hear it in the music. The lead single “One” is like THE Pop song, and made this comeback that much more explosive, in my opinion.

“Someone Else” is a sound I am familiar with from them, with its Pop sound and catchy chorus; “All Stars” is kind of the same way, reminding me of some of their older music that first got me into them. “SNS” almost reminds me of Got7, because of its unique sound, and Pop/ R&B vibes. “Our Spring” reminds me of VAV; it’s a slower tempo with that Pop/ R&B sound, and I love the rap verses in it. The album ends with two beautiful ballads, “Stardust” and “Gemini”.

It’s been kind of hard to pick one or two favorites, other than “ONE” of course, but the whole album is great from start to finish, no skips needed!

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ATEEZ Releases ZERO: FEVER, Pt. 2

They are one of my favorite groups and have been for a while, so the fact that I haven’t talked about this until now, makes me a little sad. But we’re here now so let’s talk about how amazing and grown my boys sound on this album. The lead single “Fireworks (I’m the One)” came out with the bang and the visuals lived up to it. There is also a remix to this and it’s crazy, I love it!

“The Leaders” brings that young, Trap/ Hip-Hop vibe that I’m used to from them, and the rappers shine on this one. “Time Of Love” and “Take Me Home” bring in more of a Pop/R&B feel. Now, “Celebrate” is where I get that more “grown” sound from, with the drums, piano, and choir-like vocals in the background. My Bias Mingi has never left my thoughts since he took his hiatus for mental health reasons; so, it has been good hearing his voice on this album.

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BTS Release New Japanese Single!

Apparently, other than this BEST Japanese album coming out soon, they are said to start releasing some new music very soon. This new song, “Film Out” being the lead for that as. This beautiful song was produced by their youngest Jungkook. And the video leaves many questioning the meaning, in true BTS Universe fashion. There is also talk about Taehyung aka V releasing his mixtape soon as well, with a FULL track-list, as mentioned on a Special they had recently on a Korean variety/ talk show.

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WayV Drops Kick Back – The 3rd Mini Album

I literally went from thinking “Kick Back” was just “okay”, to being obsessed with the whole album. Everything hit me after watching their MNET Relay video for “Kick Back” (thanks to my Bias Lucas lol) and the performance video for “Action Figure” (again, thank you Lucas :)). Other than those songs, a favorite for me is the slow song “Horizon” because their vocals impress me every time that I hear them. And when it comes to “All For Love” and “Good Time”, they lighten the mood and bring a fun, Pop sound back to close out the album.

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Pentagon Releases New Album Love or Take

When it comes to Pentagon, I usually expect their music to be more on the Pop/ Soft Rock side of things, which they are, but there are some other sounds I’m hearing on this album. The title track “Do or Do Not” is, of course, a fun Pop/ Rock song, and I adore the video for it. But when you get songs like, “10s and” and “1+1”, it has more of a R&B sound to it, especially with the vocals, and it’s become one of my favorites. “Baby I Love You” and “Sing-a-Song” bring us back to that cute Pop/ Rock sound that we know and love from them.

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Seventeen’s Hoshi Releases Mixtape

I haven’t been into Seventeen as much as everyone else and it was difficult to keep up. And since I hadn’t gotten familiar with the members, I didn’t pay attention to who Hoshi was. So, my love of his new song “Spider” is un-biased, for sure, regardless of their popularity. It has a cool, Jazz, Funk sound to it, far from a boy band sound, which I love when members go solo like this.

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Jackson Wang Releases New Single!

My sweet and super-talented Jackson returns with another old school, cinematic inspired single “LMLY” aka Don’t “Leave Me Loving You”. I have loved this sound from him, letting his vocals truly sound through, even though we knew him as more of a “rapper” with Got7 and even some of his early solo days. But he has always been a singer and his unique, raspy voice makes everything sound so much better. On top of helping out with the visuals for these songs, he’s also been doing so much with his label Team Wang.

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Woodz New Single Album Set!

Someone said that Woodz’s single “FEEL LIKE” gives her Prince vibes, and I can see where she was coming from, especially with the electric guitar. It’s so different and not what I was expecting from him, but I dig it. The next song “Touche” has more of a smooth R&B vibe, and I love the flow of it. The last track “Rebound” is even slower, and he’s really giving me The Weeknd on this one, definitely not expecting that.

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