Flashback Friday! The Good Old Days

It’s Finally Friday!

Since I’ve been listening to one of all time favorite people Justin Timberlake, I’ve been thinking about those good old NSYNC days that I was able to share with my mom. I had pretty much every album, single, soundtrack, movie, book they came out with. The guys & their music got me through a lot of rough times growing up. When I tell you that we went to about 7 NSYNC/ Justin concerts together when I was a teenager. Those are experience I wouldn’t trade for the world. And I came so close to actually meeting them but I was able to experience one thing that will live on forever.

For one of their concerts in New Orleans for the Pop Odyssey Tour, they recorded it to later be released on tape/ DVD. I am on that DVD and was about to make 14. There was a part in the show where they would read about 3 letters from fans and dedicate a song to them. They read my letter first that night and on top of the fact that Justin was the one who pointed me out in the crowd (LOL) they sang one of my favorite songs “Something Like You”. I will never forget that moment as long as I live. And you can say that I was a celebrity at school the next day 🙂

I really hope that they decide to do that Reunion Tour. I am willing to go wherever they go if they don’t come to Louisiana. Yes it’s that serious!


(I actually found the clip on YouTube… Thank you missjaneyville for putting this up)

(Yes I’m the one in blue waving like a maniac… And I didn’t cry LOL)

So many great things happened in that time of my life and my mom was a huge part of it. She was my best friend and I was happy to have her around so much to do fun things like that. She had just as much fun as me. I can remember traveling to concerts, blasting NSYNC or Justin in the car while singing and dancing in our seats; and screaming until we lost our voices at concerts. I’m sitting here smiling as I write this. Thinking about her and those moments always bring a smile to my face.

Take advantage of having your parents & grandparents while you have them. You want to be able to look back and smile when you think of the times you had with them. Not everyone is so lucky. Remember that…



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