FanGirl Update! Alex Aiono & William Singe Drop New Videos While on the Changes Tour!

Happy Friday Everyone! I feel like it has been a long time since I’ve last spoken to you guys. I think it’s just been about a week though, right? Between recovering from being sick and spending time with family, the bounce-back has been a little rough. But I am starting to feel like myself again so get ready!

I promise to catch you guys up on some recent music/ album releases soon but for today, I have a few updates on a couple of my Favorites, Alex Aiono and Will Singe 🙂


The Changes Tour

A little over a week ago, Alex and William embarked on their Changes Tour. They will be going to about 30 + cities all over the US/ Canada. Many cities sold out so a few extra shows (in those larger cities) were added. The first couple of shows were in New York and from what I have seen, other than a couple technical difficulties, it was a great show.

As I have mentioned before, they will be coming to New Orleans next month and I will be attending. My excitement has only grown as I countdown the days. Now, I told myself that I was going to avoid looking at too many pictures and videos from fans who have already gone. That hasn’t exactly been working out too well LOL. I follow a lot of their fans so it’s hard to avoid. Plus the boys look so good and the show looks like so much fun.

It makes me so happy to see the boys have so much meeting fans and being on stage. They do have VIP/ Meet & Greet but it’s a little too high for me right now so I have regular tickets. I have seen fans meeting them after the show by probably waiting outside afterward so maybe me & my friend can do that. I would love to meet them but if we can’t then it’s cool. Honestly, I’m just happy to get the chance to actually go and see the show.

I can’t wait to tell you guys about the concert and share my experience with you after it’s all said and done. If you are curious about the tour dates and what’s happening with the shows so far, though, there are plenty of fan pages you can check out. I will leave a little list of them below…

Instagram @changestour

Twitter @TheChangesTour  and  @ChangesTour


Alex’s Collab with Ar’mon and Trey

 Around last week some time, Ar’mon and Trey had posted a picture with Alex, and mentioned maybe doing a collaboration. I pretty much fan-girled instantly and already couldn’t wait for them to make that happen. Little did I know, they had probably already filmed it and were just waiting on a good time to post it on YouTube. They ended up posting it a day or two later.

As expected, their collaboration was the cutest thing I have ever seen 🙂 The three of them vibe so well together and their voices fit together perfectly. They even threw in some synchronized dance moves. Alex usually does a little dancing when he’s by himself and of course Ar’mon and Trey do their thing too. But I guess I wasn’t thinking that they would get into it like that. It definitely made the video special though.


Check it out here and let me know what you guys think!



William Debuts Music Video for New Single “Rush”

 Two weeks ago, Will released his first official, original single “Rush”. I still have that song on replay and will not be getting tired of it anytime soon. As I have mentioned before, I am so excited for him and his career. I know that this is only the beginning for him and he has already been getting a lot of positive feedback.

Then on Wednesday, he dropped the music video for it on YouTube. It literally came out of nowhere and I surely wasn’t expecting it. You know I wasted no time watching it! It is definitely a very sexy video and fits the song extremely well. Of course there are like 3 girls in the video with him, all over him. But, it’s not overdone and doesn’t take away from Will or the song.

I really like the video. I’m even more excited to see him perform “Rush” live. Besides the fact that it’s his new single, it’s his first original release. He has to be excited about it. And I’m sure it comes across when he performs it; especially if many of the fans know the words (like myself). Check out the video below!





Alex Debuts Music Video for New Single “Work the Middle”

 Alex didn’t even let me catch my breath from Will’s video before dropping his LOL. He released his video for “Work the Middle” yesterday (Thursday) morning. He had posted a teaser clip the day before which made me anxious to see it. Let me start by saying that I did not expect Alex to give it to us like that! I’ll explain what I mean.

Since I first started watching Alex on YouTube and listening to his music, he has always come across as this super sweet kid. Now, he is officially 21 so that could mean a lot LOL. In some of his cover videos, he did show his maturity but not like he has been lately. Watching some of the tour videos from fans, Alex has been doing a lot more dancing and being very sexy I may add.

But for this video, Alex went all out and I loved every moment of it! It’s set in a boxing gym with him and about 4 girl dancers dressed in boxing/ workout clothes. When I tell you that Alex is doing choreography honey! Let me not forget the dancers who definitely killed it! The parts where they danced together or with Alex, were just hot, steamy, and just everything.

I love seeing Alex come out like that. He’s showing his maturity and growth as an artist and performer. Now, I know that I haven’t been watching Alex for long but I have already grown so attached to him (Will too). I just feel so proud when I see them succeed and get all of this positive, loving attention from fans.


Before I get even more emotional and sentimental (LOL), check out Alex’s video for “Work the Middle” 🙂


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