Fan-Girl Update! New Songs, Remixes, & More from My Favorite Artists!

Happy Friday! I’m not too excited for my day or weekend because I have to work but I still wanted to give you guys a little something to check out. I hope this post gives you guys some fun music to check out and maybe jam to this weekend. I was actually caught off guard with all of the new music that came out today so between now and next week, you guys will be able to catch up on all of that with me 🙂


Zayn Drops New Video for single “Still Got Time”

So, late last night, after counting down the time leading up to it, Zayn dropped the video for his new single “Still Got Time” that features Party Next Door. Before I talk about the video, I just want to say that I am still unsure about this song. It is not my favorite from Zayn but his voice still sounds amazing. Also, I can appreciate the artistry behind it because it is definitely unique and doesn’t sound like anything else that’s out right now. And I am not in love with PND’s part.

As for the video, I really like it. It’s a little all over the place but that’s what happens when you combine Zayn, weed, and a crazy house party. The diversity of people in the video is what really attracted me though. People can say what they want about Zayn but he is more socially aware than they think.

I believe that the house party for the video was at Zayn’s actual house because I recognize the teepee that he has in his backyard. Inside, were people drinking and smoking. There were strippers on a pole, people making out, and smoking (did I say that already? LOL). It was just a hazy, diverse, random, fun video. I guess I truly love the video because I feel like that’s really Zayn in his element.

Along with the video, it looks as if Zayn has released some remixes to “Still Got Time”. It’s like what he did with “Like I Would” which was amazing and I still love those songs. There are 5 different remix versions. Those remixes actually make me like the song a lot better. My favorite is probably the Vindata Remix version because it adds more of an R&B vibe to it.

Check Out the Video Here!

Zayn YouTube Vevo:


Bruno Mars Releases Remixes to “That’s What I Like”

Are you ready for more remixes? Well, here are 3 more whether you are ready or not LOL. Bruno released 3 different remixes to his current single “That’s What I Like”. One features a verse by Gucci Mane, the other is a BLVK JVCK remix, and lastly, a remix that features Party Next Door.

The Gucci Mane one is really no different than the original, just includes the Gucci verse so not really impressed with that one. The BLVCK JVCK remix is dope and sounds a bit different without taking away from the song so I do like it. And, honestly, I think the Party Next Door remix is my favorite. PND sounds amazing on this song and follows the original melody.

Check Out the Original Video Here! (I love this video!)

You can also download his remixes on iTunes/ Apple Music!


Alex Aiono’s Gives Us Another Original New Song!

I have definitely been missing Alex since the concert. So of course I was excited when Alex started teasing about the release of a new song. The name of the song is “Question” and it is amazing. It has a similar vibe to “Work the Middle” but still very different and a slower tempo.

The song is basically him telling an old flame that he’s moved on. His voice sounds so strong and smooth at the same time. I am so excited for him and can’t wait until he releases an album. He is currently on his own headlining tour overseas right now. I am definitely looking forward to seeing him on tour again in the states.

Check Out the Song Here!

YouTube Vevo:


You can also download the single on iTunes/Apple Music!


Luke Christopher Surprises Us with a New Remix!

So, while I was on YouTube looking at all of the new videos and songs, I came across this. Luke apparently released a remix to his song “Lot to Learn”. It’s pretty much a sped up version of the original song. But it’s very different and does change the composition of the song.

I still love the original song so much and this remix doesn’t change that at all. Other than this, I haven’t seen or heard much about Luke. He seems to be still working on things and saying that things are coming. I definitely believe him and know that once he comes out with an album and possibly starts a little tour, it’ll be awesome. He’s one of the good ones and someone you should be on the lookout for.

Check Out Song Here!

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