FanGirl Update! Mindless Behavior

Well, Tuesday is almost over but I did want to do an update about my babies Mindless Behavior aka MB.

The boys have definitely been keeping busy since they released their new album #OfficialMBMusic last month and the fans have been loving it. But I mainly want to talk about the 2 videos that the boys dropped in such a short time period. They dropped a video for both “Song Cry” and “Blur”. Two completely different songs with two completely different vibes. “Song Cry” is definitely a slower tempo making the video more dramatic. While “Blur” is a club banger with a much simpler video but the boys definitely turn up.

A lot of fans are still getting used to the newly formed trio but I think they look amazing together. They’re chemistry and friendship shows on and off screen. They show their fans so much love, something that we are starting to see less and less of. They’re older and are not holding back. As an older fan, I can definitely appreciate that.


Watch the videos for both songs below… Enjoy! 🙂



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