5 Punk/ Rock Artists of Color You Should Check Out!

This year I came across an account on Instagram called @punkblack, that basically shines a light on punk/ rock groups of color. Finding their page added even more excitement to my love of music and wanting to continue writing about it. This is not a genre I am unfamiliar with, my love of it starting in Junior High for me. Even though I don’t listen to it as often as I did, I have never lost my appreciation for it.

Seeing how there are more groups of color or groups led by someone of color, makes me want to dive into the genre even more. There are a lot of these groups that we should look out for in 2021, and I will put a link below for the list by @punkblack. I decided to check them out and talk to you about the ones who stood out to me. This will not be the last time that I post about this so keep an eye out for more!


(I apologize of I am mis-labeling the genre of Punk and/or Rock. It’s still a somewhat blurred line for me)

MMATA (Meet Me @ the Altar)

Meet Me @ The Altar is a three-member high-energy pop punk band consisting of singer Edith Johnson, bassist/ guitarist Tea Campbell, and drummer Ada Juarez. They were formed in 2015, basically meeting through the internet and Youtube. Since they were all in different states at the time, they collaborated remotely. MMATA went on their first tour in 2018 and were signed to Fueled by Ramen in 2020.

Follow Them!

Facebook: http://facebook.com/MMATAband

Twitter: http://twitter.com/MMATAband

Instagram: http://instagram.com/MMATAband

Youtube: Meet Me @ The Altar – YouTube

Nova Twins

The Nova Twins are a duo out of London in 2014, consisting of vocalist/guitarist Amy Love and bassist Georgia South. I found out about them via Tumblr, actually. They were not on @punkblack’s list, so I decided to add them myself. Be sure to check out their latest album Who Are the Girls?

Follow Them!

Official: www.novatwins.co.uk

Facebook: https://NovaTwins.lnk.to/FB

Instagram: https://NovaTwins.lnk.to/IG

Twitter: https://NovaTwins.lnk.to/TW

Youtube: Nova Twins – YouTube

Pull the Curtain

Pull the Curtain is a “post hardcore” band out of Connecticut. They were formed by brothers Richard Francois and Colin Townsend before adding to the rest of the group and recording their first EP. The band draws influence from pop punk bands like Sum 41 and Fall Out Boy, as well as some post hardcore bands. Their new EP Counting Sheep is available now.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pullthecurta…

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Pullthecurtain_

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pullthecurt…

The Black Tones

Eva and her twin drummer Cedric David are Louisiana- born but were raised in Seattle, which explains some of their unique sound/ style. Their music shows more of the environment they grew up in and were raised around. I seriously love their debut album title Cobain and Cornbread so much! I’m definitely excited to see where they go from here.

Follow Them!

Official Website: http://www.theblacktones.com

Facebook: https://facebook.com/TheBlackTonesSea

Twitter: https://twitter.com/the_black_tones

Instagram: http://Instagram.com/theblacktones 

Youtube: The Black Tones – YouTube

We Are Band Nerds

We Are Band Nerds come to us from Dallas, Texas and are described as “Deftones meet Outkast” and I am so here for it! They are a good mix of hard rock and hip hop, which reminds me of a lot of bands I enjoyed back in High School. Their music speaks on real life experiences and issues, being able to relate to a variety of individuals. They are a group I would love to catch live one day.

Follow Them!

To support! paypal.me/wearebandnerds

Official Website/ Store: www.wearebandnerds.com/store

Instagram @ instagram.com/wearebandnerds

Youtube: BandnerdsTV – YouTube

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