1st Muzik Playback of 2022! (Jan-Feb)

These next 2-3 posts are some that have been sitting in my drafts for a while. Between moving and “renovating” a house, work becoming ridiculously overwhelming, medical appointments, etc… I just haven’t had the time or energy to get these posts out. So, this Muzik Playback will be split into 2 parts, as I am still catching up from January.

Yes, this is mostly K-Pop/ K R&B, but I have other music genres that I will be posting about very soon (also in the drafts, lol). But these are some of my favorites and go-to albums for when things got to be too much…


Jay B aka DEF. Releases LOVE. EP

The fact that I had forgotten about this release from Jay B makes me sad. He went back under his Songwriter/ Producer tag “DEF” and released this EP. Jay B never ceases to amaze me with his vocal ability. It’s no secret among his fans or anyone who listens to him, that he’s inspired by old & new school R&B and Soul artists.

He even released a couple of visuals for “I Just Wanna Know” and “Sunset with You”, and they are so simple but beautiful. He only has a couple of features, but my favorite is “Like A Fool” with Junny. This one will go into the rotation as one of those Eps that I will go to when I need a chill vibe. I am just still so proud of Jay B and all that he has done as the leader of Got7 and as a solo artist.


BamBam New B-EP

You never know what to expect with BamBam, but it’s always good. Being that BamBam was the “main rapper” for Got7, you would probably think that he would do more of a rap mixtape, right? Wrong! Our boy has been singing, a lot, and the songs are amazing! He did a lot smoother R&B tracks with this one, and I love them!

I am in love with “Who Are You” featuring Seulgi, as well as “Slow Mo”. But “Ride or Die” stays in my head the most after listening to this one. Also, his visuals since he’s gone solo reflect his personality so much and I love it! There are so many bright colors and fun themes for his videos.


Astro’s JinJin & Rocky Debut EP Restore

I could not contain my excitement when I heard about this EP with the two rappers from ASTRO, JinJin and Rocky (my Bias wrecker). There was a lot less “rapping” than I thought, but I am not complaining. The slower songs on this one gave me chills, “CPR” being my favorite, hands down. And the other, more up-tempo songs reflect the “trend” that’s been happening, that “retro” Pop/ Dance/ Funk/ R&B type sound.


Victon New Single Album Chronograph

My guys are back with new music and new looks for this recent comeback. Unfortunately, it’s not a full project, only 2 songs on this Single Album. But it’s also been a bit refreshing because it’s a different sound from them. And the looks for this recent comeback is one of my favorite aesthetics for them.


ATEEZ New Album Zero: Fever Epilogue

This one came out around the end of January but became a quick favorite and a go-to for when I was working and needed something to keep me going. ATEEZ has been one of my Favorite groups since 2019 and they never disappoint. Their pirate aesthetic, as well as the hint of classical music incorporated in their music keeps me hooked. And this latest album is no different.

I will say that what I loved the most with this album was the remixing of 3 of their older songs “Wave”, “Wonderland”, and “Answer”. They are extended versions with some classical music added in, and it all goes so well together. And the newer songs were great as well, showing off all of their vocal abilities, proving that their rise is overdue. Whether you are a fan of K-Pop or not, but enjoy some Classical music, I suggest you give them a listen!


P1Harmony Latest Disharmony: Find Out EP

This EP (and their first one) has been on replay since it came out. I was a big fan of their debut project but this one is my favorite from them. “Do It Like This” set the tone, and everything else followed. Their energy, style, and performance are so fun to watch.

And as great as their up-tempo songs are, their slower tempo ones, like “Peacemaker”, are so beautiful. They even released a dance or performance video for every song on this EP. The more I watched, the bigger of a fan I became. Hoping to get a chance to see them live, but not sure if I’ll be able to catch them on this upcoming tour.


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